Add-On Pricing

MUSIC PURCHASE If you don’t own a legal copy of your music, we can purchase it for you once your slideshow has been completed. We will delete or return it to you $1.50 ea.
PHOTO SCANNING High Quality photo scanning $0.50 ea.
SCANNING PAPER ARTIFACT (Documents, artwork, diploma, letters, etc.)
If you have printed materials like Documents, invitations, vows, etc., indicate where they will go in the slideshow by writing on a Post-It note which photos they belong.
$1.00 ea.
PHOTO CAPTION Captions can be used on individual photos to explain a picture, add detail, and make your slideshow more enjoyable $2.00 ea.
ADDING SPECIAL TEXT AND GRAPHICAL Special text can be displayed over graphical images like, ocean views, seasonal images, flowers, sky views, or other themes. You also get to choose your own type of theme to use as a background $5.00
TITLE SLIDE TEXT Title slide text is used at the beginning of a group of photos. Example: The title slide would have your daughter’s name and graduation date and is followed by those sections of her graduation photos $2.00
EXTRA DVD DVD copies make a great gift for your family and friends. Each DVD comes in a protective case. Custom label with photo artwork $10
UPGRADE TO BLU-RAY Blu-ray Discs were designed to supersede the DVD format, and are capable of storing several hours of video in high-definition and ultra-high definition resolution $20
NOTE: DVD players are not designed to play Blu-Ray disc. Additional Blu-ray copies $15
CONVERT VHS TO DVD, FLASH DRIVE OR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD There’s just something nice about old VHS tapes that makes you want to hold on to them. The bad news is that your video tapes do not last forever, but the good news is it’s not too late to digitize your tapes. Let us preserve your priceless memories. $15
USB FLASH DRIVE USB Flash Drive is the convenient way to store, carry, and transfer your slideshow. Take it with you and share your personalized photo montage with everyone. $25
Additional USB flash drives $20
DOWNLOADABLE SLIDESHOW LINK Share your story with any and every one through your own personalized downloadable link of your complete slideshow montage. You can download it onto your computer, email it to friends and family, or produce your own DVD’s $20
VIDEO CLIP Using a video clip in your slideshows opens up new avenues of creativity and is an excellent way to add even more life to your storytelling $10 ea.
END OF SHOW CREDIT Include scrolling credits at the end of our slideshow. Scrolling credits at the end of your video can be for a number of reasons: Some people might just want to pay tribute or express meaning behind their video, or others might use credits to add a thank note to someone who has inspired them to make it $15
BASIC PHOTO ENHANCEMENT & COLOR CORRECTION This service is included in all of our slideshow packages for FREE. FREE
CD OF ALL PHOTOS, IMAGES, AND ALL SCANNED ITEMS Would you like a CD of all your photos, images, documents, and all scanned items? $25 ea.